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Décember 2016

Franck Hagendorf participated in a Concert around Christmas, in Paris in December 2016, under the direction of Stefano Catalano.


•Franck Hagendorf played the role of Charles Anatole in the operetta “La Suzon à la capitale … à Laval”, a creation by Michèle Le Rai Jousse (composer), which will premiere at the Théâtre le Lupigastois in St-Loup Du Gast on July 9, 2017. Michèle Le Rai Jousse already has to his credit “La Norette ô his churn to ribot”, a musical patoiserie which has had great success in the department of Mayenne. This creation is produced by the Lupi en Scène association.

• Development of the musical project: “A life in C”, from writing to representation. Starting from popular music to lyrical art, how an artist awakens and flourishes.
For this project, search for financing to lead to the creation and the representations in France and the U S A